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Paper Presentation/ Participitation and lectures in Seminars.
Paper Presentation :-

1. Indigenous drugs as preanaesthetic, agents (An experimental
(Ann, Sci, Conf, Ind, Med, IMS, BHU, Varanshi 1975)
2. Certain indigenous drugs as preanaesthetc agents (Clinical Study)
(Ann, Sci, Conf, Ind, Med, VMS, BHO, Varanasi 1976)
3. Kshar Sutra treatment of Fistula in Ano (A Clinical review of 100
Second world congress on yoga & Ayurveda 2-7 Jun. 1987 (IM.S.
BHU, Varanasi).
4. Utility of Ancient Ayurvedic medical Science in Sports World.
Second national triable sports festival Indore M.P. India (25 Dec
1991 to 1st January 1992).
5. (a)   Diagnosis of the Fistula in Ano based on a new contrast media              
       (A comparative Study of 70 Cases).
          (b) Application of Kshar Sutra technique in Juvenile Rectal Polyps.
(Work shop on Kshar Sutra 8 March 1994).
Organised by National Academy of Ayurveda under the Ministry of
Health and Family Welfare New Delhi Govt. of India.
6. Kshar Sutra Treatment of Anal fissure with sentinal piles)
(A clinical review of 400 cases)
Second Annual Conference of NSA held at BHU Varanasi 20-21 Oct
7. Role of Kshar Sutra in the Management of Fissure in Ano (A follow
study in 49 Patents).
4th Annual Conference of NSA 9-11 January 2003 organised by
Ayurvedic College  Hadapsar Pune Maharashtra India.
8. Wound Management of tubercular Fistula with Kshar Sutra                                         
(A Clinical review of 24 Patients).
Conference of N.S.A. organised by Government Rishikul Ayurvedic
College, Hardwar Uttarakhand, India March 2005.
9. Clinical evaluation of Kshar Sutra in the Management of fissue in
(A clinical report of 172 Patients) October 2008.
6th Annual Conference of NSA 1-2 Dec 06 Held at Sandila Hardoi
U.P. India.

1. Role of Kshar Sutra in the Management of Rectal Polyps Invited by
Science Club. (22-11-90) Regional Research Laboratory CANAL
2. Delivered lecture on Management of piles by Kshar Sutra (A clinical
report of 200 cases) National Workshop on Kshar Karma,
Agnikarma and Rakta Makshana. 25-28 September 2002 State
Ayurvedic College, Lucknow, U.P. India.
3. Delivered Lecture on Nonsurgical Management of Conventional
Surgical Disorders (Seminar held on 14th Sept. 2003organized by
Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad Bareilly U.P. India)
4. Delivered lecture on Kshar Manufacturing and Management of
Anorectal Diseases. In CME 26-26 Dec 2009 at SRM State Ayurvedic
College, Bareilly.
Sponsored by Deptt. of Ayush Ministry of Health and family welfare
Govt. of India New Delhi.

Delivered Lecture in Reorientation Training Programme
Delivered lectures in reorientation training programme for Ayurvedic
Physicians/Teachers organised by Deptt. of Indian medicine and
homeopathy ministry of Health and family welfare Govt. of India New
(a) Kshar therapy in anal dissases (5-6-91).
Manufacturing process and therapeutic utility of Kshar sutra 
(b) General Management of Anorectal disorders 2-11-99
Kshar Chikitsa in anorectal diseases 13-11-99
(State Ayurvedic College, Bareilly)
5. Kshar Sutra Treatment of piles
(A follow up study in 400 Patients) September 2008
(State Ayurvedic College, Lucknow U.P. India).
6. Management of piles by Kshar Sutra (6-11 July 2009)
(A clinical study of 400 cases) 
(A & U Tibbia College & Hospital karolbagh New Delhi, India)

1. First Conference on, Role of Ayurveda and traditional medicine in
primary health care March 22-33, 1980) (IMS, BHU, Varanasi, India)
2. Post graduate education & Research in Indian Medicine 6-9 April
(Faculty of Indian Medicine IM.S. BHU, Varanasi)
3. National Conference on recent advances in Ayurvedic Medicines.
5-6 March 2003 RAAM 2003 Platinum Jubilee year 1927-2003 IMS
BHU Varanasi India.
4. Wark Shop on Ayurveda and recent development in wound
Management      2-3 April 2004.
(Deptt. of Shalya Shalakya IM.S. BHU Varanas India)
5. Participated in Seminar on Amla Pitta in day to day practice (7th Nov.
2004) organized by vishwa Ayurveda parishad, Bareilly U.P. India.
6. Invited and Attended as Delegate in National Seminar on Preventive
cardialogy in Ayurveda 13-14 march 2010.
Organised by National Academy of Ayurveda Deptt. of Ayush. Ministry
of health and family welfare Govt. of India New Delhi.
7. Participated as Delegate in National conference on Ayurveda
(a)  Organised by All India Ayurvedic Specialists (PG) Association 
       U.P. Branch, Bareilly 19 February 2011.
(b) Organised by All India Ayurvedic Specialists (PG) Association
U.P. Branch, Bareilly 19 February 2012.

36 free medical camps on anorectal diseases were done in different states of
country. A total no of 5126 patients were registered in the camps. Amongst which
1432patients who were suffering from piles, Fistula in Ano, Fissure in Ano, Sentinal
piles and rectal polyps, pilonial sinus were selected and operated successfully by
Kshar Sutra. A list of camps with time and place is given herewith.
1. Incidence of Anorectal diseases and its prevention Radio Station Almora
Uttrakhand. October 1987.
2. Piles and Ayurvedic Treatment 30 minutes
11 AM 23-12-92  Radio Station Jammu

3. Aetiology clinical feature and management of Fistula in Ano
Recording 23-8-2000
Broadcasting 27-8-2000
10 minute 7 PM Radio Station Bareilly
4. Aetiology Clinical Feature and Ayurvedic Management of Piles
Recording 29-8-2000
Broadcasting 30-3-2000
15 minute 6 PM Radio Station Bareilly
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