Sushruta Clinic- Pilonidal Sinus

Intermittent boil with discharge of pus, hairs and blood occurs on sacral region in mid spinal line between natal
cleft. In acute phase natal abscess is formed which is associated with pain and fever. The abscess is bust with
discharge and symptomes are relieved leaving the intermittent or persistent discharging sinus.

Treatment  :-
Excision of the sinus bearing area of tissues by elleptical incision and suture of the wound by deep and
subcutaneous sutures.

Results :-
50% receurrences are reported after surgery of pilonidal sinuses.

Kshar Sutra treatment :-
45 cases of pilonidal sinuses were treated by kshar sutra during last 32 years. Post operative followup study
revealed recurrence in 3 cases. The kshar sutra was reapplied and patient were cured. The kshar sutra did not
response in two cases, where radiological examination confirmed osteomylitis of sacral bone. Remaining 40
cases were cured and did not show any type of recurrence during followup study period for 3-5 years. 
Kshar Sutra change in Pilonidal Sinus.
Old thread is replaced by new thread.
Kshar Sutra in situ in last stage in sinus tract
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