Sushruta Clinic- Kshar Sutra Treatment of Rectal Polyps

Rectal Polyp- It is mass or swelling arising from mucosal lining of bowel wall. It may be pedunculated or
sessile. The polyp consists of rounded head and long pedicle which is attached to the mucasal surface. It my
occur any where in the large intestine but most common site of polyp is rectosigmoidal region.

Clinical feature :-
Rectal polyp is common in children between 3-11 years of age. Bleeding and protrusion of mass during
defaecation replaced it self or digitally is the common complaints of patient. Some times there is no protrusion
of mass during defaecation only bleeding is the main complaints.

Diagnoses :-
Digital examination reveals pedunculated polyp freely mobile on rectal mucasa. Sometimes the polyp is
delivered out side the anal orifice during digital examination.

Treatment :-
Excision of the polyp by snare. The recurrence rate of rectal polyp after excision is 12-17% as reported in the

Kshar Sutra Treatment :-
The polyp is delivered out at anal orifice and Kshar Sutra is ligated. The post operative review of 140 cases of
rectal polyp treated by Kshar sutra did not show any recurrence during last 30 years review.

Rectal Polyps delivered at anal orifice after digital examination.
An arterial clamp applied at pedical.
Kshar Sutra ligation of Rectal Polyps.
Rectal Polyps after ligation.
After Kshar Sutra ligation, polyps reduced back digitally into rectum.
Anal outlet after ligation and reduction of Rectal Polyps.
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