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Kshar sutra is a medicated phytogenic alkaline thread prepared by smearing the latex, powder and kshar ofcertain herbs repeatedly for 21 times which is dried in sunlight or special Kshar Sutra cabinet. It was 1964when Dr. P.J. Deshpande in Vanaras Hindu University started the research work on role of Kshar sutra infistula in ano. He worked for twenty years on Kshar sutra and fistula in Ano and standardized it. His researchon Kshar Sutra and anal fistula has changed the pattern of treatment of Anorectal surgical diseases. Wealso have our own Ksar Sutra manufacturing unit in Bareilly, UP, India.


With the changes in diete and life style, the incidence of anorectal disease is greatly increased. The mostcommon diseases occurring in anorectal region are piles, Fistula in Ano, Anal fissure, rectal polyp etc.These Anal diseases are mostly neglected and ignored on behalf of the patients and physicians both.Sometimes the disease becomes most complicated and incurable even fatal. The operative results ofanorectal diseases are not aways satisfactory even with skilled hand. Sometimes recurrence andincontinence for faeces and flatus may occur after anal surgery. Occasionally anal stenosis may occur afteroperation for piles where anal opening becomes extremely narrowed. Due to these post operativecomplications the patients life becomes miserable and quality of life is disturbed. In these circumstances theKshar Sutra has given a new hope of light to the patients suffering from, Piles, Fistula in Ano, Anal fissure,Rectal polyp, Rectal prolepse, Pilonidal sinus, & post operative anal stenosis.

The recurrence rate of Anal diseases after surgery varies from 10-50% in different diseases where as from Kshar Sutra treatment the cure rate is 98-100% with Negligible recurrences or complications.

Preparation of Kshar Sutra

The threads are prepared on surgical linen size 20 by repeatedly smearing it with the latex of euphorbianeriifolia and a combination of certain vegetable caustics grown on a large scale in India and other parts ofSouthern Asia. These substances are:

Stem of Euphorbia Neriifolia
Stem of Euphorbia Neriifolia. The Latex of this plant is used for smearing the threads. (Fig. 1)
Tubes Containing caustic threads.
Tubes Containing caustic threads. (Fig. 2)
  • Fresh latex collected from the plant euphorbia neriifolia (euphorbiaceae family) by stabbing the stem at various places ( Fig.1).
  • A specially prepared alkaline powder derived from the plant achyranthes aspera (amaranthaceacfamily).This powder is obtained by the evapouration of the filtered soloution of burnt ashes of this plant inwater. This method is indigenous to the Indian system of medicine and is termed “Ksharapatan”. Thepowder thus obtained, is also caustic and is locally used as a debriding agent in chronic non healingulcers. It has a pH range of 8 to 9.2.
  • A fine powder of the dried rhizomes of curcuma longa, (ascitaminacea family). These rhizomes are commonly used as ingredient of spice and are commonly termed as tumeric.

The processing of the thread is done inside a specially designed cabinet This cabinet is provided with a device hot blower for drying the threads and an ultra violet light for sterilization. The temprature of the chamber is recorded with the help of a thermometer.

The cabinet contains 25 hangers on which the surgical linen No. 20 is spread and hooked throughout. After dissolving dry latex of Euphorbia Neriifolia in chloroform, the coatings are done over thread hooked in to the hanger and put in to the cabinet for drying.

This process is repeated for three times. Then fresh latex of Euphorbia Neriifolia is coated over thread and passed through alkine power of Achyranthes Aspera and put for drying in the cabinet, this process is repeated for 4 times. Last 2 coatings are done by latex of Euphorbia Neriifolia and powder of curcuma longa, in the same manner. During processing the thread are sterilized by U.V. light. In the last, after completely drying the threads are cut from the hanger and sealed in the air tight test tubes.


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Ksharsutra is a popular treatment modality in India for the management of fistula-in-ano. It works by the action of excision, scraping, draining, penetrating, debridement, and sclerosing as well as healing simultaneously without a surgical excision.

Ksharsutra ligation, when performed for Internal Piles, is usually painless. However, when external hemorrhoids are ligated some amount of pain is there which is tolerable and managed by taking painkillers.

The Kshar Sutra therapy comes as a very safe and a sure one to remove the pile mass, or the anal fissure or the sinus problem. The patients who opt for this Kshar Sutra ayurvedic treatment feel much happier and satisfied getting that extra mass out and healing that painful fissure.

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